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Black and white photo of Hilma Klint sitting next to her art.

Hilma Af Klint

Hilma af Klint (1862-1944) has taken the art world by storm - many decades after her death. Today, she is one of the world's most beloved artists. Born in Stockholm, Hilma af Klint studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. She established herself as a respected artist, exhibiting figurative paintings. Originally a devout Christian she later became involved in spiritualism, and later followed a keen interest in the ideas of Rudolf Steiner's Rosicrucian theosophy and anthroposophy. These modes of spiritual engagement were popular across Europe - especially in artistic and literary circles. In recent years, the interest in af Klint's esoteric paintings has grown, and in 2018 a large survey at the Guggenheim Museum in New York became the best-attended exhibition in the history of the institution. The Catalogue Raisonné presents all the important works of Hilma af Klint, many of which have never been exhibited.

Hilma Klint's artwork.
Hilma Klint's artwork.

Paintings for the Temple

Collect the NFT series Hilma af Klint - Paintings for the Temple from the official catalogue raisonne produced by Stolpe Publishing with the endorsement of the Hilma af Klint Foundation, presented by Acute Art and available on the GODA platform.

Whilst the Paintings for the Temple belong to the not-for-profit Hilma af Klint Foundation and will never be for sale, an official catalogue raisonné produced by Stolpe Publishing and divided in seven volumes was finalized this year. The second volume, Paintings for the Temple, contains Hilma af Klint’s most important body of work. The digital continuation of the catalogue includes works in VR and AR produced by Acute Art. The 193 key artworks are offered as NFTs in an edition of two. One non-commercial set will remain with the publishing house, the other set will be for sale on the GODA platform.


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Nina Chanel Abney

Artist Advisor

Contemporary artist. Ceiling breaker. Innovator. Interested in all things cool.

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Shaun Neff

Brand Whisperer

Founder/investor/advisor for some of the worlds top brands such as; Neff, Sunbum, Moon, Beachhouse Group, Robinhood, Target, Sony, Sandbox, Outlier Ventures and more.

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Pharrell Williams

Pharrell Williams is a 13-time Grammy Award-winning visionary recording artist, producer, songwriter, philanthropist, fashion designer, and entrepreneur.

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Artist Advisor

Contemporary artist KAWS has been at the forefront of social and digital media throughout his career. His early adoption of new technologies and embrace of creative disciplines across boundaries has helped push the limit of our traditional concept of paintings, sculptures, design, and what an artist can be.

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Todd Kramer

Artist Relations

Contemporary artist manager, Ross+Kramer Gallery owner, NFT degen and advisor to multiple Web 3 projects.

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Easy Otabor

Creative Advisor & Artist Relations

Multi-hyphenate creative + entrepreneur. A self taught art collector turned gallery owner, Easy has taken an innovative approach to his curatorial practice in the fashion and art space.

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Nick Adler


Nick Adler is an investor and entrepreneur and a metaverse secret agent. He has been a longtime advisor to Snoop Dogg on his tech and web 3 partnerships.

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Brittni Hudson


Social media guru from Get Engaged

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NFT Wizard

Founder of Nameless and respected NFT collector.

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Ken Nelson


Designer for brands like Analog, Neff and more recently, KAIJU017. Worked on various projects with Disney, Kevin Durant, Snoop Dogg, Whiz Khalifa, Marshmello and many more.

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Andrew Drayton

NFT/Web3 Advisor

Launched the successful Vogu Collective NFT project in the summer of 2021, and has helped advise several projects and companies in the web3/NFT space.

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Community Manager

Passionate NFT collector and powerlifter who is excited to grow in the web3 space

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Ryan Ross

2nd generation art dealer, Ross+ Kramer Gallery owner, private art advisor for 25 years.

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